Notion Site Builder

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Your all-in-one platform to build a website on Notion.

Are you a business, creator, freelancer or student trying to build your website? With Notion Site Builder you get access to 70+ copy-paste components & 10+ premium templates to take your site live within minutes. And the best part is, you can build this entirely within Notion’s free plan without ever needing to pay recurring web hosting fees.

What’s Included:

  • 70+ Ready-to-use Website Components
  • 10+ Premium Templates
  • Beginner-friendly Guide & Video Tutorial
  • Additional Tools & Resources for Creating a Website
  • Free Future Updates

Why Build Your Site on Notion:

  • Build within Notion itself — no need to learn a new tool from scratch or pay expensive fees to agencies
  • Absolutely beginner-friendly — super easy to launch your site even if you’ve never used Notion before
  • Build anything, whether its a landing page, portfolio or your blog — there are no limits!
  • Instantaneous publishing & edits
  • Build within Notion’s Free Plan
  • $0 Website Hosting Fees — save up on monthly recurring fees that you need to pay on other platforms
  • Easily redirect your custom domain name to your site for a more professional look
  • Future-proof — seamlessly upgrade to advanced features (custom sub-domains, live-chats, payments, analytics etc.) with existing third party tools

Build your websites in minutes with our ready-to-use components & templates!

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Notion Site Builder

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